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Asleep By Dawn Magazine Presents: DJ Ferret's Underground Club Mix #4 will be on sale via numerous digital platforms, including BandCamp, on Sept. 16, 2022. While previous compilations focused on recent songs, this special project spotlights older tracks (primarily 1995-2005).

We also made a conscious effort to shine a light on acts we hadn't previously introduced you to. Only one band on this compilation has been on a previous Asleep By Dawn release. Some of these tracks are no longer digitally available (or have never been sold digitally). You'll recognize some tracks immediately if you've ever been on a dark music dancefloor, while some will be new to you. DJ Ferret has spun every one of them and thinks they still deserve a place in modern clubs (and earbuds).

The complete track listing is below. Our preferred e-tailer for this digital-only compilation is BandCamp. Like all of our compilations, we've aimed for a balance of styles and ordered the tracks with a certain rhythm in mind. We also want to promote the bands involved rather than competing with their own digital sales. For those reasons, we've set this as an "Album Only" release; tracks won't be sold individually (although of course you can listen to them one at a time). We want you to hear each song on the album and discover something that's new to you, alongside tracks you already know and dig. We hope you enjoy our loving tribute to songs that have kept us dancing for several decades.

1. Shriekback - “Nemesis (Arch-Deviant Mix)” 12. Sweep - “Emptiness, Your Loneliness”
2. Kite - “Ways To Dance” 13. kHz - “Let It Go”
3. Death Ride 69 - “F##ked Up Generation” 14. GASR - “New Society”
4. Imperative Reaction - “As We Fall” 15. 1 AM - “1000 Beats”
5. The Merry Thoughts - “Boy Sinister” 16. Every Move A Picture - “Signs Of Life”
6. God's Girlfriend - “Jean, I Think I'm Sinking” 17. Mentallo & The Fixer - “Wicked”
7. NCC - “Seven Steps of Nervousness” 18. E-Craft - “Electrocution”
8. The Echoing Green - “She's Gone Tragic (Catastrophic Mix)” 19. Neuroactive - “Space Divider (Video Edit)”
9. Faith And The Muse - “The Silver Circle” 20. Vigilante - “The New Resistence (feat. John Bechdel)”
10. Star Industry - “Nineties” 21. Alice 2 - “Garden of Life”
11. Sheep on Drugs - “15 Minutes of Fame” 22. XIII. Století - “Elizabeth”

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