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Asleep By Dawn Creates CD for
Hot Topic

Retail price under $5

DJ Ferret's Underground Club Mix #1

CD cover art

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New & Exclusive Tracks by Paul Van Dyk, Skinny Puppy, Ministry, Cruxshadows & More For $4.99

UPDATE 12/29/04: The ABD compilation for Hot Topic was delayed at the manufacturing plant but is now available at all Hot Topic stores that sell CDs and on their website. If the clerk at your Hot Topic location is unfamiliar with the title or says that it is out of stock, you can get them to re-order it by using Hot Topic's special item code (SKU #, pronounced "sk-you number"). Hot Topic's SKU # for this disc is 263702-000. Using this SKU #, any Hot Topic employee can easily get this compilation in stock for you quickly. This compilation should be available through Hot Topic's online web store in the next week or so, but your best bet is to call your local Hot Topic store and get a copy from them. If you still have trouble getting a copy at your local Hot Topic after giving them the SKU number,order it from their website or let us know

Paul Van Dyk contributed a new single to Asleep By Dawn Magazineıs first commercial CD release. Featuring Wolfsheim vocalist Peter Heppner, the song ³Wir Sind Wir² has become a huge hit in Europe (so much so that the song itself has its own website) but has not yet been released in America. The track makes its US debut on ³Asleep By Dawn Magazine Presents: DJ Ferretıs Underground Club Mix #1,² a compilation CD with a retail price under five dollars.

Ministry is also touring the US, registering new voters under the auspices of Theyıve contributed the song ³Waiting,² from their politically-charged album released this Summer. Skinny Puppy, themselves no strangers to mixing politics and music, have just concluded a major US tour. Their single, ³Pro-Test,² spawned a video with break-dancing goths that was quickly picked up by MTV and several other video channels after becoming a hot item on the internet. The song also appears on this compilation.

The Cruxshadows are ­ well, when are they not touring? Launched in May, their 2004 World Tour ended in late November. A remix of ³Citadel² by German band Absurd Minds is included on this disc. Collide, who never tours, delivered a stunning debut live show in Philadelphia on October 31st. Theyıve contributed an exclusive remix to this release, ³Euphoria (Further Mix),² with additional production by Charlie Clouser and plan a West Coast tour in January 2005.

The Last Dance just toured Mexico and Europe to support their brand-new remix album, ³Reflections of Rage.² Major label German band Lıame Immortelle provides a very club-friendly remix of ³Whisper² to the Underground Club Mix. Tapping The Vein are presently in the studio, working on a follow-up to their groundbreaking debut album. They offer an exclusive remix of a non-album track: ³The River (Drowning Mix).²

The Dreamside are also in the studio, trying to finish their fourth album amid production work and guest vocal duties for a number of major label bands. Their contribution to this disc, ³Spin Moon Magic,² is an exciting preview of their new album. Similarly, Qntal is focusing on their fourth album, due out in the spring. This compilation offers their American fans the first chance to hear a club remix of ³Ecce Gratum.²

Neuroticfish has a brand new single, ³The Bomb,² which appears on this title. Their new album is expected in the winter. The winter is certainly a common theme in the work of German industrial/metal band Eisbrecher, who appear on this disc with ³Wilkommen Im Nichts,² from their self-titled debut album.

ThouShaltNot fans are likely to be first in line to buy this compilation, since it includes a brand new, unreleased, never-before-heard song called ³Walk Away.² The song comes from the bandıs next album, which is currently being recorded. Energetic guitars, emotive female vocals, and lively programming make ³Water to The Dead² a signature song for Ego Likeness. The song, which appears on this compilation, comes from the album of the same name.

Corvus Corax are at the forefront of Germanyıs fast-growing medieval music scene, some of which has broken through to the mainstream. Their contribution to this CD is the dark and intoxicating ³Avanti.² Paralysed Age combine horror movie and literature references with dark rock stylings. Their most popular song, ³Bloodsucker,² appears on this compilation.

Speaking of bloodsuckers, the incredibly popular vampire film ³The Lost Boys² was recently re-released as a special collectorıs edition DVD. The theme song to the movie, ³Cry Little Sister,² was haunting, eerie, and compelling. It remains so in Carfax Abbeyıs cover version, into which they manage to inject even more intensity for this CD.

³Asleep By Dawn Magazine Presents: DJ Ferretıs Underground Club Mix #1² is not included in any issue of Asleep By Dawn Magazine. It is a brand new, standalone product that was created at the request of Hot Topic, who will be the exclusive retailer for this title. Sixteen talented artists, who have sold millions of records worldwide, appear on this exciting disc, which also includes gorgeous full color artwork throughout the booklet and on the CD.

DJ Ferretıs last mix CD, ³Noir: Smooth Female Trip Hop,² received rave reviews from around the world and was featured twice on ABC News. ³Asleep By Dawn Magazine Presents: DJ Ferretıs Underground Club Mix #1² is available now, exclusively at Hot Topic stores around the USA. The retail price for this disc is an astounding $4.99, making it an excellent holiday gift item. The disc will also be available through Hot Topicıs online web store.

Track Listing:

1 Ministry - Waiting
2 The Dreamside - Spin Moon Magic
3 Ego Likeness - Water to the Dead
4 Skinny Puppy - Pro-Test
5 Neuroticfish - The Bomb (Single Edit)
6 The Crüxshadows - Citadel (Absurd Minds Remix)
7 The Last Dance - Whisper (L'ame Immortelle Remix)
8 Qntal - Ecce Gratum (Club Mix)
9 Paul Van Dyk with Peter Heppner - Wir Sind Wir (Radio Version)
10 Collide ­ Euphoria (Further Mix)
11 Tapping The Vein ­ The River (Drowning Mix)
12 Paralysed Age - Bloodsucker
13 Eisbrecher - Wilkommen Im Nichts
14 Carfax Abbey - Cry Little Sister
15 ThouShaltNot ­ Walk Away
16 Corvus Corax - Avanti

Posted 10/15/2004; Revised 12/02/04.


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